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Enterprise 2.0 Conference: 耐克的客户体验2.0?

September 10th, 2009


..I’m always impressed when big brand enterprises are willing to share their experiences…

Art King(Global Infrastructure Architect at Nike)讲道:

互联网的快速发展对企业的影响已经愈加深远,而我们的目标就是基于这些互联网工具打造完美的用户体验,为此我们已经开始restructuring our landscape to enable “Business Class” service delivery。我们将建立一个基于互联网的无边界的全球企业协作机制,当然,这需要适当的技术手段、合理的用户支配权(with appropriate levels of technical controls and personal governance)


“Internet Collaboration Transformation at Nike”

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